Betty + Lola Interview Series #1: Zoe Kratzmann

Betty + Lola Zoe Kratzmann

At Betty + Lola we love celebrating our wonderful Australian designers. This interview series gives us a little insight into what inspires these very talented people who bring our women's fashion and lifestyle to life. 

 Zoe Kratzmann established her footwear brand in 2005 and is passionate about "bringing a little bit of luxury to the everyday". 

Betty + Lola: What was the main inspiration behind your Spring Summer Collection? 

Zoe: I don’t think that I am alone in longing for the outdoors during the last 12 months. I feel refreshed and enlivened by nature and this collection is a nod to that. it aims to capture a spirited sense of the outdoors with an emphasis on all things natural. prints such as our gorgeous meadow print are a beautiful statement of freedom and reference memories of relaxed bohemian luxe. modern, yet feminine pieces that are both graceful and versatile are key in SS21. 
Betty + Lola: All time favourite Zoe Kratzmann wardrobe staple?
Zoe: the entitle jacket is a seasonal staple for me. it’s works all year round with our mild QLD weather. I love that’s it’s relaxed and unstructured and cut in a natural fabric. I throw it over jeans and also dresses (both short and long) to add a little bit of polish. it’s perfect for my casual lifestyle.  
Betty + Lola: How has lockdown changed the way you run your business?
Zoe: I always say that I love a plan B and to plan for the worst-case scenario, so this mindset has been extremely helpful during lockdown and covid. I also love finding creative solutions to challenges. there are often so many paths and options that will get you the result you are after.
Betty + Lola: Once we can travel again, where's the first place you will go and why?  
Zoe: I had a trip to egypt and morocco planned last year with my mum and my brother which I was really looking forward to.  morocco has been high on my list for some time. I know I will get there eventually in the meantime cooking my favourite persevered chicken and green olive tagine will have to suffice.

Betty + Lola Zoe Kratzmann interview  Betty + Lola Zoe Kratzmann interview

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