Betty + Lola Interview series #2: Sandra Brand

Betty + Lola Interview series #2: Sandra Brand

At Betty + Lola we love celebrating our wonderful Australian designers. This interview series gives us a little insight into what inspires these very talented people who bring our women's fashion and lifestyle to life. 

Creative Director, Sandra Brand established beautiful Alessandra Cashmere in 2002, capitalising on her passion and unique experience to bring high-quality, wearable luxury into the Australian market. Sandra was raised in the textile industry, spending most nights after school on the factory floor. With sentimental ties to garment design and production, Alessandra Cashmere was the next logical step.


Betty + Lola: What inspired your Spring Summer Collection this year?
Sandra: My Italian holidays …… the fashion is always light hearted and the colours are playful and fun. Especially these days we seek colours and design that is uplifting.


Betty + Lola: What's your favourite Alessandra wardrobe staple?
Sandra: My very favourite piece apart from my cozy cashmere jumper.   Is the Olympia dress  ( one shoulder dress ) in super fine cotton voile. I love this dress because its as light as a feather and can take me from showroom to restaurant with a change of shoes ( or not) I feel feminine and stylish in this dress

Betty + Lola: How has lockdown changed the way you run your business?  

Sandra: Lockdown really has necessitated flexibility ( dare I say pivot ) I’m very fortunate that many many years of local manufacturing  ( my father had a clothing factory in Melbourne where I received incredible training ) I am very lucky to have established relationships in china and we have had to work together with these wonderful people to make changes at a moments could say I’m working really closely to the ground.


Betty + Lola: Once we can travel again, where's the first place you will go and why?  

Sandra: If I have the confidence to travel again I would love to return to Positano …. One of my happy places. Fingers crossed that we can all travel again.

Betty and lola interview series, Positano



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