Betty + Lola Recipe Series: Chocolate Dipped Oranges

Betty + Lola Recipe Series: Chocolate Dipped Oranges

Feeling indulgent this weekend? These gorgeous Chocolate dipped Oranges should hit that sweet treat goal. 

Drying the oranges is quite a feat. Luckily we have you covered here at Betty + Lola with beautiful dried Mary Valley Oranges 

So all you need to do is create your chocolate dipping creation. See below for tips on how to.. 

Dipping in Chocolate – Tips

  1. Use a good quality dark chocolate with a high cocoa content
  2. Always make sure that the bowl and utensils you use are completely dry and make sure your bowl is not touching the water in your double boiler. Even if the smallest amount of watergets into your chocolate, the chocolate will seize causing it to become grainy and clumpy.
  3. Be careful not to overheat your chocolate. Chocolate is very sensitive to heat and if you overheat it will lose the glossy shineand become thick and clumpy.  Don’t have your water in your double boiler boiling, you want just a gentle simmer.
  4. If your chocolate does become too thick. You can try adding a spoon of coconut oil (or vegetable oil). This will thin out the chocolate and creates a smoother consistency.

After dipping the gorgeous oranges in chocolate, you could try adding some crushed nuts or coconut flakes to the chocolate, before it dries, for extra decoration.


Mary Valley oranges


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