Betty + Lola Interview Series #3: Andrew Voss

Betty + Lola Interview Series #3: Andrew Voss

At Betty + Lola we love celebrating our wonderful Australian designers. This interview series gives us a little insight into what inspires these very talented people who bring our women's fashion and lifestyle to life. 

Andrew Voss, famed sport commentator and husband to celebrated Australian floral designer, makeup artist and event stylist Simone Voss is the man behind the Mr. Voss range by Simone Voss Luxury. In this Father's Day special edit, Andrew has been kind enough to share some personal reflection on his own Father's Day experience. 


Betty+Lola: What do you enjoy most about being a Dad? 
Andrew: Being a Dad is just the best, although there have been some challenges during lockdown, including home schooling. It really is one of the biggest responsibilities in life being a Dad.

Betty+Lola: What inspired you most about your Dad? 
Andrew: Sadly my Dad died when I was 8 …. I cannot remember a single fathers day with him in that short time. I hope my Dad is proud of the man I have become and what I have achieved in my life. All I know is that he was a hard worker … and I’d like to think that trait was passed onto me.
Betty+Lola: What's your ideal Father's Day look like? 
Andrew: Fathers Day in the rugby league season has always been work for me so no time for the feet up…. But the best and most cherished gifts are the ones made at school when they are little!
Betty+Lola: What do you want to make sure that your children remember about you? 
Andrew: That’s a hard one ….. maybe that no one is perfect. Do your best in everything you set your mind to. I’d like to think with my career I have proven, if you dream it, you can achieve it. 
Hope all the Dads, and grandads have a great Day … and a Mr Voss candle makes a great gift … hahaha

Mr Voss candles on Betty and Lola

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