Discover Marrakech

When you get the call from your bestie on the other side of the world of course you go, right? Back when travel was a thing, think early 2019, I received a call “come to Marrakech with me.” That was all I needed.

I wasn’t one of these people who had always wanted to go, I knew little about Marrakech and its rich design history and industry so expectations were low, but I trusted and knew my design buddy was on it - boy was she on it! In a world filled with beige, Marrakech is the perfect antidote: a haven for lovers of saturated colour, for devotees of intricate pattern, a destination for admirers of striking architecture, quite simply it's a sensory explosion.

From the colours, patterns, and textiles to the archways, fountains, gardens, and so much more, Morocco is known as the window into the world of magic, design, and intrigue and Marrakech is the epicentre.Our incredible design retreat gave us an insider look into Morocco’s famous design culture, tours of souks, ateliers, work rooms, meeting designers, visits to royal palaces, and sightings of Moroccan design in all its most beautiful forms.

These hand made Cactus Silk Cushions sourced from an incredible studio on the outskirts of the Medina, are me bringing a little part of Marrakesh back home.


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